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London escorts  London escorts

If you want one of our lovely escort ladies to meet outside the United Kingdom, we need sufficient information about yourself. This is the security of our escorts and to help you and us, to avoid misunderstandings. We recognize your right to privacy and assure you of the utmost discretion. After verification of your data, these are – after the return of the respective escorts – destroyed, or deleted, in any other book we need this again. For more details on the topics in advance, deposit ticket and hotel reservation learn when booking one of our charming escort ladies from London.

London Escort London mediated exclusively self-employed persons. The website is an advertising platform for providers of services in the area and escort service. All the ladies side business in its name and on its own account. It is emphasized that ML Marketing GBR is not the employer of the escorts. The escorts work independently and the agency only mediates their Internet presence. All escort ladies are at least 21 years old to act by choice and at your own risk. ML Marketing GBR acts only as an intermediary in the context of a brokerage contract with the escorts and obtains from these for their activities (advertising, running the website, telephone service, security services, etc.) a commission. The Service Agency is free of charge.

1. Scope The agency “London Escort London” mediates on behalf of Escort their services to customers. These include primarily the personal use of escorts to accompany the customer to business and private occasions. In telephonic or written order the terms and conditions shall be deemed a legal transaction by the customer accepted and noted.

2. Honorary prices
The agreed fee rate is based on the respective order.

2.1. All prices are inclusive of VAT. 2.2. All costs incurred during the provision of services (entrance fees, hotel accommodation, travel, food, drinks, etc.) are to be borne by the customer.
2.3 The payment is exclusively the time-honored with the escort and their arrival, services, or special expectations are not covered by the agreement.
2.4. A commitment by the customer and its award of the contract the fees and travel packages from the fee table are accepted.

3. Subject matter

3.1 The fees listed are not as “compensation” for certain “services”, but exclusively as compensation for the applied and time spent together. The customer requires the ladies no legally or morally unacceptable activities. In particular, agreed with this service no sexual and intimate contacts; However, should they take place, this agreement shall apply exclusively between the escort and the client. The influence of the agency “London Escort London” is ruled out!

3.2 If the guest and the influence of alcohol or drugs, or performs this during a book to which model has the right at any time to cancel the booking, in this case, is the model the full fee for the booked period too.

4. Conclusion of the contract
4 .1 The discount London Escorts London are non-binding, they do not constitute an offer but only a non-binding invitation to the customer to book an escort service.
4.2 By booking an escort the customer makes a binding contractual offer. The Agency will confirm the receipt of the booking immediately. The confirmation of receipt does not represent a binding acceptance of the offer unless this is expressly stated.
4.3 The Agency is entitled to consider the contract offer by the customer. Acceptance of the entry is made as quickly as possible according to the customer via email or SMS, for short-term bookings at the latest after 6 hours, otherwise at the latest after 1 day.
4.4 The contact is possible by SMS, email, or phone, the contact details are on our website (
4.5 Upon receipt of the booking request, to London Escort London shall immediately notify the escort in connection and will notify the customer as soon as possible whether the contact with others and the escort lady is at the desired time is available.
4.6 With the acceptance of the booking a contract between the customer and the chosen escort lady comes. The escort is not a vicarious agent of the Agency.

5. Cancellation
5.1. Should you not be satisfied and you decide within the first 10 minutes, oblivious to the meeting with the escort lady, so they compensate please escort for the trip. If you cancel your booking less than 5 hours before the meeting, a cancellation fee amounting to 40% of the agreed fee will be charged.
5.2. Purchased or ordered train/bus or flight tickets to the customers invoiced, because it is not possible for us to return the tickets.
5.3. London Escorts London and the escort ladies can withdraw without notice, from the booking if the implementation of the appointment by the customer will be permanently destroyed. The same is true when someone violates the contract to a great extent. (See passage 3.2.) In this case, the escort is to be given by the customer the trip money. Additional costs will not arise for the customer!
5.4 If miscarriage or Fakebuchungen the purchaser will be charged 100% of the cost. Additional costs may be incurred by address investigation or legal fees.

6. Payments

6.1. Is paid in cash in £, CHF, Euro, US $ or Western Union, deposit certificates to the agency’s account. Foreign currencies can be accepted by arrangement.
6.2. For longer journeys beyond 50 km from the residence of the escort lady, a deposit to the account of the agency fee of 35% of the agreed fee is required. If the escort by a valid reason the appointment can not perceive, the London Escort London takes care of the replacement or refund the payment. The initial deposit will be charged on the fee and will not be refunded in case of cancellation by the customer.
6.3. The booked during an appointment More hours will be settled in full hours and are payable directly at the escort lady in cash.

7. Severability If any provisions of these terms and conditions, including this provision, be wholly or partially invalid, or the conditions contain a loophole, the validity of the other parts remain unaffected. Instead of the ineffective or missing regulations the respective legal regulations in force.

8. Final Provisions
8.1. German law applies to all orders.
8.2. The jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this agreement is the extent legally London.
8.3. Should individual clauses completely or partially be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining clauses or remaining parts of such clauses.
8.4. The customer agrees, the escort ladies – the future – solely on the agency “London Escort London” and never to book directly or through a third party or to contact.
8.5. The customer is not entitled to assign its claims from this contract to third parties.

9. Claims for damages against us are, to the extent legally permissible. If you are late in any form (train, plane, highway congestion, etc.), we ask you to inform us by telephone. Also, we will inform you immediately, the escort should the deadline can not perceive. In the absence of information on a delay on your part, so the lady is entitled to a waiting period of 10 minutes to the journey home.

10 Privacy Policy
10.1. The agency “London Escort London” guarantees absolute discretion. A trustworthy and respectable appearance of our escorts is natural for us.
10.2. The given on the websites of “London Escort London” personal or business data (email addresses, names, addresses) are abandoned by their side out, on a voluntary basis.
10.3. We assure you that we only for the purpose of execution of the contract to collect, process, and use your personal information. The data is not disclosed to third parties in particular. There is no use for the purpose of advertising or marketing. By submitting your online request, you consent to the collection, processing, and use of the award given by you in the above-mentioned data and scope.

10.4. After the mutual obligations, Your data will only be stored for reasons of legal certainty for the duration of the statutory limitation periods and then deleted.

11. Discretion / Contact The escorts are represented by London Escort London because they do not want private contact prior to and after the date. We would like to take this opportunity to appeal to you to show himself as a true gentleman and not to press for her private number and/or email addresses. For the escorts, these attempts are a nuisance and can thus mean the termination of the appointment. Customers are expressly pointed out that the agency “London Escort London” is responsible for any indiscretions that may arise regarding our escort ladies because of private contact recordings!

14. distancing from the linked web content with a verdict “Liability for links” the district court (LG) of London has decided that one has to answer by placing a link to the contents of the linked site. This can – so the LG – only be prevented by explicitly distancing oneself from these contents. We hereby dissociate ourselves from all contents of linked pages of this website. The declaration applies to all links on these websites. When creating the sites we have, although the content of linked sites and examined the compound considered useful, but can not guarantee that the links continue to work or remain the linked content legally sound and safe in the future. We ask to refer to problematic content so that the links can be removed.

15. All content rights on the website contained the content, including images and other contents subject to data protection, and may be passed on third parties in any Weisean or published in any other way. In case of violation threatens Prosecution. Information Escort

Information Escort

Discretion: We have a reputation to lose! As escort agency is discretion for us in the first place. All information is strictly confidential. As an escort agency, we are the interface between the client and the escort lady. The contact takes place exclusively via us, the privacy of the customer and escort lady is sacred to us.

Seriousness: Our escort ladies treat you with respect and attention. Besides her work, in the escort, they go a regulated professional life or study in and offer and expect pleasant manners.

Dress code: Subscribe to our meet our escort ladies’ wishes regarding outfit and styling. Whether business look, sporty, elegant, evening gown, or particularly sexy – no problem. Our phone Dame is your needs. If no requests are expressed, the escort lady appears in the inconspicuous neat outfit.

Apartment: Although our escort is “visitable”, no one is sitting in an apartment and “waiting for customers.” If you do not want a date with him or at the hotel/office, we can organize your rendezvous in a special apartment. The escort girl of your choice is especially for you to this very personal appointment in the well-kept apartment.

Erotic details (applies only to the Escorts): you want and find inspiring, sensual, imaginative, and passionate eroticism. Our models are not “professionals”, but students, employees, or photo models. Certain services or practices are not always guaranteed because the escort ladies are extremely creative and very ready usually in sympathy to respond to individual customer requirements. From experience and feedback from our customers, we know that our very pretty models gladly adapt to different situations. If certain details are essential to your date, so ask for it in advance.

Fees: The fees listed are not as “compensation” for certain “services”, but exclusively as compensation for the applied and time spent together. For special arrangements such. Ex. Accompaniments longer holiday, we gladly arrange an attractive, individual Honorarangebot.

FAKE bookings: Unfortunately, it happens that clients or competitors find it particularly funny to reserve fictitious Dates and let the escorts “into the void” run. We dissociate ourselves strictly by such silly actions and share with purely as a precaution, that we particularly the escort ladies opposite, blatant misconduct civil and pursue this, criminal law in the strongest consistently.