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How To Find The Right London Escort For Your Specific Product(Service).

Classic sex

Classic or vaginal intercourse – is the most common type of sexual activity. It is chiefly the insertion of a male’s penis into a female’s vagina for the purpose of sexual pleasure. Classic sex is very diverse; it can be performed in different sex positions and can include elements of role-playing with the use of sex toys. It gives unbelievable sensations; combined with adventurous fantasy it can give you incredible sexual pleasure.

Group sex

Group sex involves more than two participants. It can be performed in various ways: threesome, foursome, gangbang and etc. Group sex cannot only be seen as a pleasant pastime but also as a way to get new and unbelievable experiences with incredible and unforgettable moments.

Oral sex with a condom

This particular service is for those who extremely care about their health, but at the same time want to experience the pleasure of oral sex. People think that experience in oral sex with a condom will be less satisfying than without condoms, but our girls will change your mind towards that. Our ladies are professionals and the desire to deliver maximum pleasure to you.

Non-professional striptease

Graceful flexibility, the plasticity of the female body, seductive movements, and enchanting music – striptease- have reinforced man’s attention. Non-professional striptease is no less than a professional one; it performed by the ladies who have experience performing it privately. The small show can excite any viewer and will be performed heartily giving you an incendiary spectacle. This type of striptease you are not going to find in nightclubs and it will be performed for your eyes only.

Light lesbian show

The lesbian show is an enchantingly beautiful and graceful dance of two girls. They will gently touch, cuddle and kiss each other – it is real enjoyment of gracefulness, sensuality, and beauty of female figures. It will not only give you enormous pleasure by looking too elegant and seductive girls’ bodies, but it will turn you on so much that your heart will beat faster every single minute.

Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage can be a really good ending for any date. After the hours of unbelievable sex, the only thing that you will need is a relaxing massage. The primary purpose is to help you relax and relieve stress. Our ladies will gently rub your skin and use light pressure, you will feel yourself in heaven…

Prostate massage

Is the stimulation of the male prostate gland. You can experience unbelievable moments given by our escort ladies. It can be performed as a sexual stimulation or for medical purposes. Besides getting unforgettable sexual sensations you at the same time can reduce the risk of prostate and sexual dysfunction.

Erotic massage

Sensuous massage is performed by a person on another’s person’s erogenous zones to achieve or enhance their sexual excitation or arousal. It can be used as a part of foreplay or final sex act, in other words, the way you wish it to be done. Lady who will perform this type of massage will gently rub your back; she is not going to use only her hands but the whole body, which is really seductive. An erotic massage will excite your fantasy…

Classic massage

If you want to have a pleasurable pastime, relieve stress and just enjoy soft and careful hands of the woman gently touching and rubbing your skin then you should try this type of massage. It will make you feel more energetic and rested.

Girl domination

Domination of the partner or also known as femdom or master/slave relationship. Submission to the beautiful, domineering partner by fulfilling all of her orders and desires. There are plenty of men, especially influential ones, dreaming to be treated as slaves. They want to obey all the orders from the dominant female and serve as submissive sex toys. All of our lovely ladies know a lot about obedience and punishment and they will help you with your fantasies.

Man domination

Domination in sex, unlimited control over one partner – this kind of experience makes you feel much powerful and influential and you are not going to forget the feeling of domination. Submissive and gentle “sex slave” will fulfill all your secret desires, with her you no longer going to feel lonely. She will make all your dreams true and all your sexual desires real…

Types of BDSM play

Domination or submission are the elements of the S&M (Sadomasochism or sadism and masochism). Master and slave – fun games of binding, enslavement, and punishment are in favor of many people. But there is something else that attracts people, even more, is the fun of BDSM games. Our ladies will give you the pleasure of experiencing some types of these games. With our girls, you can make any of your secret desires real.


If one of your fantasies concentrated around some specific thing/object/body part, then surely our ladies will help you out to make all of these fantasies real. You have a fetish over lingerie or some particular body part of the female body, or you are crazy over clothes that are made from leather or latex – do not be afraid to share with our girls all of your desires and they will try their best to satisfy all your wants.


This extreme service also known as queening is a sexual practice in which one partner sits on or over the other’s face (oral-genital, oral-anal contact). During facesitting, one partner can stimulate either genitalia or anal part of the body. Our ladies will be happy to help you make all your naughty fantasies real.

Extra services

Oral sex without a condom

Oral sex without a condom is the most desired type of man’s sexual fantasy. There is nothing that is more erotic and seductive than a woman who is stimulating the genitalia of her partner. Moreover, there is nothing in between both partners who are giving or getting sexual pleasure, nothing is standing behind to get the maximum over this type of sexual experience. A professional escort lady will give you the real pleasure that you have never experienced before.


It is a sexual act in which one person takes their partner’s entire erect penis deep in their own mouth. This type of oral sex should be performed by professionals in order to provide the client with an unforgettable experience. Our ladies are the masters in giving the maximum pleasure of deep – throating.


, Of course, it is not only you who should be getting the maximum pleasure over the sexual experiences. Sometimes it is really important to give pleasure to your partner as well. Many men are in favor of cunnilingus; they like to make a beautiful woman satisfied in bed and they want to make them feel happy too. Escort ladies on our website will be more than pleased to give you power over her body and her sexuality.

Sex toys

Sometimes in order to get the maximum pleasure over the role-plays and sexual games you need to get some sex toys to make the experience more fun and complete. Sex toys can bring so much joy; they can serve as a part of new sexual experiences or bringing back unforgettable memories from your past experiences. Our ladies are masters they know how to give you the pleasure using the sex toys, they know how to use them in the way that it will make you feel unbelievably happy and satisfied.


People like to play games. Games can be seducing; they can realize all your fantasies if you will be brave enough to share them with our ladies. Role-plays can make you any cartoon or movie character you want. Your responsibility is to tell what are your desires and sure the ladies will help you realize it.

Services for the couples

Sometimes married couples or couples that are in committed relationships want to make their sexual life more interesting, adventurous and unforgettable. Or they just feel that sex with each other no longer entrains them. There is a great solution to make yours and your partner’s sex life more interesting and unbelievable. One of our girls will be happy to make all your dreams real. She will serve the couple as a companion to the most desired sexual wishes and fantasies. The escort lady will bring so many colorful sensations and unbelievable moments to the couple’s life that they will never forget this sexual experience.

Pearl necklace

Is the sexual act in which a man ejaculates semen on or near the neck, chest, or breast of another person. This type of service can bring so much joy and it will give you unbelievable pleasure by looking at sprayed sperm gently trickling on the female’s breast or neck. You can choose any escort lady with small or big breasts, but anyway you will get the maximum pleasure over that.


Is the sexual activity in which a man ejaculates semen onto the woman’s face. Many men are crazy about facials because it realizes the fantasies of the man it makes him feel the domination and power, as well as it can be a good ending to the great performed oral sex.

Oral cum shot

Ejaculation of semen onto a woman’s tongue. It is quite hard to even get your partner to do that kind of joyful pleasure. That is why many men can only enjoy watching porn movies and dream about performing an oral cum shot onto his partner. But with our ladies, you can try this pleasurable type of sex. Our girls will be pleased to cum onto their tongue, they will make you feel special and give you an unforgettable experience.


Position 69 gives you an opportunity to give and at the same time receive the pleasure of oral stimulation of each other’s genitals. This type of sex position allows both to work on giving the enormous sexual sensations. Our professionals will give you an amazing experience of position 69.

Extreme services


Sexual practice in which woman performs anal sex on a man using strap-on dildo. Sometimes men do not want to do all the work by themselves; they want to realize all their fantasies and want women to do all the work for them. If your secret sexual desire is a strap-on dildo, then our girls will be happy to perform that sexual practice on you based on your wishes, desires, fantasies…

Golden shower

Sometimes your sexual fantasies can bring so many surprises. If you want to try yourself the service of golden shower, or simply receiving the pleasure of urination of woman on you, sure our escorts will be happy to help you out. All our ladies are healthy, clean and well-groomed, that is why you can experience without any fear of getting any kind of sickness. We guarantee you will get the maximum satisfaction from such unusual, but pleasurable activity for you as the golden shower.