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Look, it’s a fact: Traditional dating can be a nightmare. How many times have you talked to other men who have nothing but horror stories to tell about their dating adventures? The average woman, the average “amateur” at dating who is not a skilled and training professional escort, is pretty much trained from birth to be an entitled, critical, greedy pain in the neck. When you’re dating a woman, you know as well as we do that you are like a Hollywood movie executive, who is “only as good as his latest work.” When it comes to women, the average girl wants to know, “What have you done for me lately?” They are fed a constant stream of media reinforcement of this idea, told that if a man values her, he will bend over backward for her, give her expensive gifts, “put a ring on it” if he really wants her, and generally treat her like a queen who gets everything she wants. Any thought that she might have some responsibility in that equation, that she might actually know how to please her man and treat him well, goes right out the window. We are, in fact, raising an entire generation (or more than one) of women who behave like overgrown toddlers. They know only that they want expensive toys and lots of attention with no consequences and responsibilities whatsoever. What reasonable man would voluntarily participate in such a scene?
Well, in some respects, you are a product of your biology, and thus you are at the mercy of it. You, as a man, desire female companionship. This isn’t about love, and it isn’t even about sex. Men, simply put, desire the company of attractive women, and they miss it when they do not have it. A man simply likes to spend time around a beautiful woman. If he can look at her, great. That’s why porn and other adult entertainments like strip clubs are so popular. But if he can have a conversation with her, if she will actually engage with him and pay attention to him, that is much more valuable to him, which is why a man will tip a pretty waitress more if she flirts with him a little. He knows he’s not going home with that waitress, in all likelihood, but he appreciates the attention. He appreciates the human contact with a beautiful girl. Well, that’s why men date, and it’s why they subject themselves to the wretched state of contemporary feminism. But every man who goes through all that has thought to himself, “There’s got to be a better way.” What better way is professional escorts. A professional escort is a perfect companion for a night on the town or a quiet night at home. She brings none of her emotional baggage to the business transaction that is the time you spend together. She has one goal, and that is to make sure that you are happy and satisfied with your client experience. Furthermore, she won’t hassle you, criticize you, or tell you that the two of you “need to talk.” She won’t give you any grief of any kind, in fact. She also won’t discuss you with her girlfriends and talk about you behind your back to people you know. Not only that, but she is discreet, professional, and helpful. She is also very lovely, and when you date a professional escort, you don’t have to worry, as you might with an “amateur” girl, that she’s going to lose her figure if the two of you go out again. A lot of girls, once they start dating a man regularly, will let themselves go and expect you to continue seeing them for “who they are” instead of “how they look.” Well, a professional escort understands that one of her jobs is to look good, both for you and for the people who see you together. She is one part eye candy, one part tour guide, and one part confidante. She will listen to you talk, give you the feedback you want, but offer nothing that you don’t want. If you want her to keep her opinions to herself, she will. If you want her to offer her input, she’ll do that too. And she will take her cues from you throughout the night or day that the two of you spend together. Whether you’ve booked her time for an hour or a weekend, she will see to it that you never feel rushed, that you are satisfied with the interaction and with your time-out and that if something does go wrong, she can handle it. Your escort’s job is to take responsibility for the date and for its outcome. That means you don’t have to worry about anything… and once you have experienced what a worry-free date is like, you’ll wonder how you ever did anything else in your romantic and social lives. London escorts and sexy call girls for you. Check out the hottest female escorts, porn stars, fashion models and celebrity escorts in London! ❤❤❤