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    TO MAKE A RESERVATION CALL OR TEXT ON THIS NUMBER +57 3007243324 or VIBER & WhatsApp: +57 3007243324 … Zarina’s full service, this amazing girl is living in London now and likes as a fashion brand: Cavalli. Favorite perfume is Can by Paris Hilton, drinks Chivas Regal and Champagne. ‘Utterly desirable’ sometimes two words can say it all. But they can for Zarina, one of our most popular girls. And wonderfully great company friendly, chatty, a delight to be with, those deep eyes that will lock onto yours, challenge you and catch you; and then suddenly with crinkle with laughter and humor; and then that naughty personality will appear. On a summer’s day in our Autumn evenings, that’s the best choice to spend time with. AGENCY OPENING HOURS: MONDAY-SUNDAY: 9am to 4am ❤❤❤

    Age 24
    Height 167
    Weight 56
    Hair – black
    Nationality – Colombia

    1 – hour: £250.-
    2 – hours: £400.-
    3 – hours: £500.-
    6 – hours: £800.-
    12 – hours: £1.200.-
    24 – hours: £1.800.-